We Are Here to Help You

For those struggling with addiction, Cobb Recovery knows what you are going through. We can help. What you need now more than ever is a customized and comprehensive addiction treatment plan that will be based upon your needs and altered continuously to meet them. But you also need a drug rehab center that will structure your recovery services upon a focused template. Read on to see how we will personalize your treatment with the stability of our program.

  • Supervised Detox

  • Long-term Individual Therapy

  • Long-term Group Therapy

  • Aftercare


What We Can Do for You

After you admit to yourself that you have a problem you cannot control nor overcome on your own, you will come to our drug detox clinic for supervised withdrawal and managed detox.

This is why we must watch over you carefully and provide the kind of services and care you need during this difficult time.

The next thing you will do is go through personal therapy sessions with your own therapist.

Here you will vent your problems and share your story while receiving advice from a professional.

Start today your recovery